Who We Are

Nick Carpenter

I joined the Army in 1985 and have been flying ever since. 

I have gone through bankruptcy twice, with JetMagic and EUJet and, along with Barry I was recently fired from my job as a Boeing 767 pilot in Japan.

Always interested in people, I have both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in psychology and I am a trained counsellor.

Barry and I set up the Peer Assistance Network for our colleagues in Japan. My recent unemployment allows me to bring this experience to the larger aviation community, something that I was always planning to do. 

Confidential and empathetic, I will look forward to talking to you.

Barry Eman

Having looked up the skies from a young age, I always dreamed to go flying. After my International Hotel Management studies I enjoyed a satisfying career in some fine hotels and restaurants. But it wasn't our first one was born and the encouragement of my wife that the dream became a reality. 

I have gone through a redundancy in the UK and like Nick, lost my job in Japan. This was the trigger for us to set up plane talk. We have been our aviation community for several years in pastoral support, now we are available to a larger audience.

For me it will be satisfaction if I can help you to help yourself! You have the strength and sometimes we just need a hand!

I'm currently a student Psychology and I am a trained coach. 

Let's plane talk!